Italy has never been closer

We choose to work with producers who share our passion for highest quality food, who love the stories behind it and the places it comes from.

‘Aricchigia eccellenze siciliane

Provides some of our bakery products

'A Ricchigia was born out of the will and stubbornness of a woman, Laura Lupo, a businesswoman in the insurance services sector who, ten years ago, bet on the idea of bringing the products of her land to national and international markets, transformed into sweet and savoury delights for sophisticated palates in search of authenticity.

Agricola Tamburini

Provides some of our Wines

The Tamburini Winery covers an area of 50 hectares, including magnificent vineyards in Chianti and the Montalcino area, along with olive groves and glorious woods. Since 1890, the Tamburini family have produced the finest wines, organic olive oil and grappa, a high-quality liqueur and a typically local Italian product.

Antica Enotria

Provides some of Organic Preserves and Wines

The organic farming of Apulia is Antica Enotria. Since 1993 we cultivate our land with love to preserve the tradition of taste and with a single goal in our hearts: the genuineness of our products. For this reason, since the beginning of our adventure, we are organic farmers.

Antico Molino Rosso

Provides some of our Flours

The Antico Molino Rosso company works and processes exclusively raw materials from certified organic farming and without the presence of pesticides. For this reason it can guarantee the traceability, quality and purity of its products.

Birra Viola

Provides our Handcrafted Beer

I started the BIRRA ARDUINI Craft Brewery because I wanted to express myself, creating a product that could tell a little of my story. Offering my own beer is something very rewarding and exciting, and even more so for someone like me who has always sold and recommended beers, together with my family. So this is why the BIRRA ARDUINI Craft Brewery makes VIOLA beers, which I dedicate to my grandfather Mario.

Brezzo Apiculture

Provides Bio Honey, Bio Jams, and more.

Honey and quality food ideas, since 1948. For more than fifty years we have selected local specialties that authentically express the vibrancy of our territory. From organic honey to other gastronomic delights, Brezzo is synonymous with nature, taste, and sincerity. Roero is our home.

Caffè Milani

Provides some of our Coffee

Caffè Milani was founded in 1937. From a small shop, which emanated magical aromas in the streets of the historic center of Como, to a modern factory, where past and future merge and integrate to obtain the finest quality products.

Caffe Molinari

Provide some of our Coffee

Molinari is a historic roasting company in Modena, whose origins date back to the early 1800s. Today it is a solid company that is attentive to sustainability. For this reason it has become a Fairtrade Italia licensee, with a line of 100% Arabica coffee, organic and Fairtrade certified.

Cantine Ippolito

Provides some of our Wines

With over 170 years of history, Ippolito is today the oldest winery in Calabria. Located in the historic center of Cirò Marina, the heart of Calabrian viticulture, the farm includes a 100-hectare agricultural estate, distributed between rolling hills and sunny plains near the Ionian Sea, in the classic Cirò area. The company mission has always been the recovery of traditions through the enhancement of native vines, the protection of the territory, intended as an ecosystem to defend and preserve.

Capanne Ricci

Provides some of our wines

The Capanne Ricci Estate located in Sant'Angelo in Colle, is one of the older and more traditional rural establisments in this area of Brunello production. Nowadays Ferruccio Ricci and his sister Ida manage it recreating the deep-rooted family traditions. Notwithstanding its ancient pedigree, the estate is now managed in a modern and youthful way but always faithful to the Montalcino tradition.


Provides some of our wines

Caruso e Minini is a joint venture between two families and two different stories that merge when Stefano Caruso, the third generation of winemakers, meets Mario Minini, owner of a marketing company in Northern Italy. Together, back in 2004, built the foundations of Caruso & Minini, a state of the art winery in Marsala, a city at the extreme part of western Sicily. It is an ambitious challenge, which sees as protagonists the Caruso family’s agricultural tradition and the Minini sales expertise. A Winning bet because, to date, wines reach fans in more than 30 countries around the world.

Cascina Belvedere

Provides some of our Bio Rice

In the Farmhouse Belvedere the family Peak is handed down of generation in generation the experience and the love for the earth, producing the good Italian rice and the best risottis for the whole family. Farmhouse Belvedere follows all the passages of the production of the rice, from the field to the table. In this way we bring in every house taste and genuineness.

Castel di Pugna

Provides some of our Wines

Our Chianti cellar is situated on the beautiful hills of Siena. At the Azienda Agricola Castel di Pugna, native grape varieties as Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Colorino, are cultivated according to the most recent technologies. For suppurting an important project called Senarum Vinea, this winery is the keeper of seven ancient native grape varieties, which were cultivated around Siena during earlier times.

Cima da Conegliano

The Cima da Conegliano Distillery is located in the province of Treviso, in the heart of the Veneto region, close to the charming hills of Conegliano: an area famous for the production of renowned wines and Grappas. The Distillery was founded in the early 1970s by Franco da Ros, a passionate pioneer in the culture of PROSECCO: still today the family-run business maintains its artisan character, distinguished by a particular attention to "niche" products.

Fattoria Lischeto

Provides our Bio Cheese and Wines

Here at Lischeto farmhouse bio is our passion since 1990. Back then as well as today, our product are the result of this love for nature, earth and everything that is genuine and healty. We respect the complete biological and cyclical process as fodder planting and harvesting, selective breeding whith together with the climate, the lang and the handicraft production process make our cheese and wine.

Frantoio Agostini

Provides some of our Extra-Virgin olive oil

Our history is simple and has been about extra virgin olive oil for 3 generations. Our philosophy is clear: every Agostini product must be impeccable. Our passion has grown over the years preserving the principles of quality, sustainability and innovation, while achieving over the years the quality of objectives thet we set for ourselves without overlooking economic sustainability. Our reverent bond with agriculture has lasted for over a century. We know the difficulties of the job and this is why we have a deep respect for our territory and its precious fruit such as the oil that we have chosen and that has chosen us.

Frantoio Guglielmi

Andria. Puglia. Post-World War II. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, rebuild the rubble. To be spiritually reborn thanks to the work. Willpower is not lacking. In those years, Saverio, the forefather, was the one who placed the first brick of the mill, of what has become today the activity of Olio Guglielmi, a continuously evolving company. Thanks to Grandfather Saverio, a whole family is born, an “Extra virgin olive oil family “. Sons and nephews are dedicated to the cultivation of 160 hectares of olive groves, to olives harvesting and milling for producing a “genuinely” excellent extra virgin olive oil.

I Tirreni

Provides some of our Wines

The company I TIRRENI S.S. was founded by two young people (Dr. Agronomist Samuele Falciani and enologist Tommaso Rindi) who, in addition to their studies, share a passion for vines, white wine and Tuscan red wine. Wishing to embark on an entrepreneurial path, they took the opportunity to settle in one of the most beautiful areas that the wine-growing and natural landscape had to offer: Bolgheri and the upper Maremma.


Provides some of our Preserves and ready-to eat sauces

Italianavera is the story of a little girl born in the fields of San Marzano (Italy). Italianavera tells a story, narrates a territory and its products. Through the flavours and scents of the past, these fruits of the earth bring us back to the simplicity of ritual gestures derived from ancient traditions. They tell Italy with all its facets, tell of the mother who cooks and the grandmother who prepares the Sunday lunch. And we tell the tomatoes, with style and humor. Because being Italian is a culture, a way of life, it is the desire to tell the simplicity of a daily routine made up of good things and imagination. Fantasy to eat. Italian, Italianavera.


Provides some of our Preserves

In our family the art of conserving the good that comes from the land that has its roots in the Magna Grecia history, is handed down from one generation to another. After a careful selection of each raw material, all of our products, coming from organic farming, are handcrafted without the addiction of preservatives or additives,in absolute respect of the old farm recipes. The ingredients come from a controlled organic cultivation and the production is based on the fruits and vegetables seasonality.

Muccini Tartufi

Provides our Truffle Products

Muccini, a family wanting to share their own knowledge of ancient recipes with the goal to transform the truffle into a unique and precious speciality. Always attentive to traditions, with the constant search for unique products of gastronomy and high-level culinary, no detail is left to chance, each jar is personally checked, all labels are attached by hand; ensuring only the expertise created by skilful craftsmanship work.

Natur Gréng Products

Our Productions

NATURGRENG offers ready-to-drink 100% fruit extracts. Cold-pressed juices, without the addition of water, sugar or preservatives. This method allows the juice to be extracted in its purest form, without oxidation, keeping vitamins and minerals intact. The fruit is harvested and brought to the farm by our partner SUQQO, then pressed and bottled. It then receives a treatment called High Pressure Processing (HPP), used instead of pasteurisation.

Parmigiano Giansanti

Provides our Parmigiano Reggiano

The Giansanti Di Muzio Parmigiano Reggiano DOP is made by traditional techniques and artisanal crafts. For a 40 kilos wheel of our closed cycle parmigiano we use 600 liters of milk. Only the milk of our cattle, fresh from the cows daily milked with passion and care in our stable. The same passion and care with which in our next door factory, every morning, our master cheese maker is crafting 8 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano according to the ancient dairy tradition, the one of handmade cheese, with an almost total absence of machinery, using typical tools like the spino, an ancient wooden stick to break the curd. We take care of our cheese every day also in the casera, the spectacular aging room, where every Parmigiano wheel rests for a minimum of twelve months up to over 5 years, in the silence and the typical microclimate of the Parma countryside Parma. Every day, 365 days a year, with passion and care.

Pasta Natura

Provides some of our Bio Pasta

The commitment of our company is the organic gluten-free pasta production with the use of particular, obviously gluten free, flours. Born for celiac people, the gluten free pasta is now meant for a vast audience paying more attention to the diet quality than in the past. With this trend we have realized that we should extend our range of products. At the moment PASTA NATURA offers gluten free, high-protein, high-fiber and low-glycemic pasta. PASTA NATURA is for people on a diet, for athletes, for growing children, this pasta is perfect for everybody's daily diet.

PastaJesce from Apulia

Provides some of our Fresh Pasta

Pasta Jesce born from the indissoluble love of a family for his territory: la Puglia. In love of the tastes of the region and believer to the roots of her city, Altamura, the bread's city DOP and the city of the innumerable mills, the company begins the production of fresh and dry artisanal pasta. The use of modern technologies and selected raw materials, assure to our company, a stable and gradual growth in the national and international market. In few years what was a small local pasta factory, thanks to graces ideas and to a serious commercial politics, has become one of the principal Apulian pasta factory.

Pasticceria Calciano

Provides some of our bakery products

The passion for the production of handcrafted and genuine products is a precious gift from our parents. We are Ezio and Rocco Calciano and our bakery and pastry shop is 40 years old. We are located in Tricarico, a small town a few kilometres from Matera, "the City of Stones", a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Pastificio Destefano

Provides some of our Fresh Pasta

Making pasta is one of the oldest crafts in Italy, with which our country has seduced and conquered palates all over the world. The DESTEFANO family, pasta artisans for over 70 years, have combined skill and creativity with the most modern production techniques, maintaining the characteristics of fresh homemade pasta, thanks to their pasteurisation method which allows the pasta to remain opaque and retain the characteristic fragrance of fresh pasta.

Pesto di Pra

Provides our Pesto

Il Pesto di Pra’ is a big family history which set his roots in our farming firm Serre sul Mare here in Genova Pra’. It’s been almost two centuries that "i Cini" (this is our ancestors family’s nickname) dedicate their time with passion and competence to the Basil’s growth. Froom seed to the jar, it is a short supply chain which allows us to obtain such a high qualiy product as our Pesto di Pra’

Premiato Pastificio Giuseppe Afeltra

Provides some of our Pasta

The premium Giuseppe Afeltra pasta factory has over 150 years of history and tradition. It is one of the oldest pasta factories in Gragnano and was founded in 1895 by Giuseppe Afeltra, who had already been making artisan pasta since 1848. Thanks to a winning entrepreneurial strategy, he transformed what was a small factory of local dimensions into an industrial pole known worldwide, exporting Pasta to the United States of America and to other countries of the world. Today Giuseppe Afeltra, continues to produce artisan pasta, with only Gragnano spring water and the best Italian durum wheat semolina.

Salumificio Pedrazzoli

Provides some of our Bio Cured Meats

Salumificio Pedrazzoli products are hand-made in the old-fashioned way from simple, unique ingredients: the right amount of sea salt, an aromatic balance of spices, quality meat and time. Our farms are essentially all the same in terms of animal numbers, with two main distinctions: standard and organic. Our conventional farms use methods and recipes sourced directly from Italy’s centuries-old tradition of pork butchery, particularly those from Mantua. As producers and farmers, we at Salumificio Pedrazzoli are able to monitor quality along the entire length of our supply chains, both traditional and organic.

Salumificio Rosotta

Provides some of our Cured Meats

Rosotta family's cold cuts have a long history of tradition. In 1962, Ludovico and Maria, driven by passion, opened a small butcher shop, completely dedicated to pork meat. In 1991, after years of hard work and experience, they founded today’s company, Salumificio Rosotta, realizing their own dream. During the years, the genuine scent of quality raw materials and the handicraft ability have remained the same. In this way Rosotta produces, today as in the past, fine cold cuts, always wholesome, result of a slow and accurate seasoning.

Vini Cossetti

Provides some of our Wines

Deeply rooted in its territory and strongly rooted in local traditions, the Cossetti family has been active in the wine business since the end of the 19th century, having started producing quality wines as far back as 1891. A range of wines to suit all tastes and needs. From Barbera to Dolcetto, from Grignolino to Moscato d'Asti, from Cortese di Gavi and Roero to Barolo and Barbaresco. Wines that express important levels of quality, while at the same time falling within those of the most prestigious Piedmontese denominations. The Cossetti labels are truly capable of bringing everyone together.