Salumificio Pedrazzoli


Zampone Emiliano

Zampone ‘by definition’ is a cured meat sausage for cooking, typical of Emilia, in particular of the province of Modena, which has obtained the recognition of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). It seems that the first historical traces of zampone production date back to 1500, in the area of Mirandola (a municipality located on the northern edge of the province of Modena, on the border with the Lombardy-Mantova area and, to the east, close to the western countryside of Ferrara).


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Soak the zampone, closed in its package, in boiling water for 45 minutes. Cut off a corner of the package to facilitate the release of any gelatine. Once cooked, cut into 1 cm thick slices and serve. With its typical intense, spicy flavour, we recommend eating it with legumes, sautéed spinach or mashed potatoes.

Free of milk derivatives, no preservatives added. No added chemical additives, no added polyphosphates. Gluten-free. Included in the AIC handbook.

INGREDIENTS: Italian pork rind*, Italian pork fat*, lean head of Italian pork*, sea salt, spices*. * organic product

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (Average values per 100g): Energy: 227Kcal / 947Kj Fats: 14g of which saturated fatty acids: 5.1g Carbohydrates: <0.1g of which sugars: <0.1g Protein: 25g Salt (NaCl): 3.3g