Antico Molino Rosso


Bio Special Mix Flour for Sweets and Cakes

Antico Mulino Rosso organic flour for cakes, biscuits and pies is designed for both sweet home creations and those created in the workshops of Master Confectioners.

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RECOMMENDATIONS: Ideal for soft cakes, sponge cakes, sponge cake, focaccia veneta, shortcrust pastry and biscuits. Also excellent for mixing with cocoa, almonds, hazelnuts and other ingredients. Flour is the soul of every baked product as it forms the structure that supports the other ingredients in the recipe such as sugar, eggs, flavourings, etc. lightly.

INGREDIENTS: type 0 soft wheat flour, wheat starch, micronized toasted soy flour.

ALLERGENS: gluten, soy. May contain sesame seeds.

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Lactose Free

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