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350g approx.

Bio Pecorino La Pecora Nera

Pecorino Pecora Nera BIO has an intense aroma, hints of underbrush and mushrooms. The taste is savoury, slightly spicy with increasing spiciness along with the ageing. Very long persistence, with a complex aftertaste of humus and chestnut.

Full Description

Cheese of great impact, for the revival of the great traditional Tuscan dishes, like “Pici with mullet fish sauce alla Livornese” with the addition of “La pecora nera” in flakes. It is also very good when served “au naturel” with homemade bread and a glass of a good red wine.

This is an aged pecorino cheese processed with cold dough. A very tasty cheese that comes from “Velathri”. Once reached 8 months maturation period its name is changed to Pecorino “La pecora nera”. Constantly, during its preparation, it is washed and spun by hand to check its quality. It passes its last months drying on wooden boards of fir.

INGREDIENTS: raw organic whole ovine milk, selected cow milk ferments, animal rennet and salt.


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