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Bio Vegetables Risotto

The Classic Vegetables Risotto from Cascina Belvedere is not precooked, but only moistened with vegetable broth. Afterwards it is freeze-dried and flavoured with this delicate ingredients that characterises the dish with its particular flavour. This line of risottos is made using the best ingredients and represents a high quality response to the needs of people who, although they do not have much time to spend in the kitchen, do not want to give up on the flavour of the most delicious recipes.

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PREPARATION: Heat contents with 1 tbsp of olive oil in heavy saucepan over medium-high heat. Add 1/3 cup wine (75 ml) and stirring all the wine should boil off. Add 2 2/3 cups boiling water (650-750 ml). Do not cover. Cook 15/17 minutes, stirring occasionally. It is done when tender but firm to the bite. Remove from the heat and add grated parmesan cheese and butter. Mix well and stand for a few minutes until creamy before serving.
MICROWAVE: Add 2 ½ cup of cold water or vedetable broth. to contents, cook for 15 minute at, 660 W, stir, add grated parmesan cheese and butter and serve.

INGREDIENTS: Carnaroli rice, vegetables 4,8% in variable proportions, (courgette, carrot, aubergine, potato, tomato, pepper), sea salt, yeast extract, extravirgin olive oil, rice flour, corn starch, celery, soy miso, herbs, spyces.

ALLERGENS: soybeans, celery.

ALLERGENS PRESENTED IN SITE: milk, eggs, soybeans, cereals containing gluten, mustard, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, molluscs, fish, crustaceans, celery.

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