Cascina Belvedere


Bio Red Rice

Red rice is not the classic risotto rice.
It is a special variety of whole rice grown in iron-rich clay soil. It has a long, narrow red grain and a distinctive aroma.

Full Description

It contains more minerals and fibre than conventional rice. It is low in fat, rich in B vitamins, iron, magnesium and is a source of carbohydrates but at the same time seems to be able to provide the body with a good dose of vegetable protein. 

It has a sweet taste, and once cooked, it could be stored in the fridge for some days. Its cooking time is 40 minutes. Especially recommended to help support bowel function, as possible protection from UV radiation and to help fight blood cholesterol.

INGREDIENTS: 100% red rice.

ALLERGENS: absent.

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Gluten Free

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Lactose Free