Pasta Natura


Bio Multilegumes “PENNE”

Multilegumes pasta is a real energy concentrate. Good source of vegetable proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals it will become fundamental in your daily diet. The same colour of whole grain pasta, but it has a better, more balanced and complete nutritional contribution.

Full Description

From the skilful combination of bean, peas, chickpeas and lentils flour a new pasta was created which is rich in proteins and fibres. The advantage of not having any cereals nor ingredients of animal origin is evident in the low glycaemic index and in the total cholesterol absence in the product. Try it with simply garlic, oil, parsley and chilli or with tomato and basil. If you want to have a tasty and rich dish, you can cook multilegumes fusilli with artichokes and pumpkin.

INGREDIENTS: 25% red lentils flour, 25% chickpea flour, 25% pea flour, 25% bean flour.


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Gluten Free

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