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Bio Italian Alpine Flowers Honey

Italian Organic Alpine Flowers Honey is produced in the Piedmont region in mountainous areas below 1,500 meters, where the alpine flora is particularly rich in wild flowers of recognized medicinal properties. Amber color and strong aroma, it has an intense flavor. It crystallizes very fine and homogeneous.

Full Description

Brezzo Organic Honey is a genuine product of high quality, 100% organic, controlled and guaranteed by the Bioagricert Certifying body. Italian honey sourced from uncontaminated locations, from apiaries in areas where organic farming is practised and pollen and nectar sources are purer. A product for the most discerning consumers, those who seek a genuine and certified honey and are not prepared to settle for second best.

INGREDIENTS: 100% alpine flowers honey.

ALLERGENS: absent.

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Gluten Free

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Lactose Free