Frantoio Agostini


Hurticinum Delicate – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It combines well with octopus carpaccio, swordfish salads, tomatoes au gratin, baked radicchio, artichoke soups, pasta with meat sauce, grilled tuna, roasted fowl or game meat, hard cheeses.

Full Description

  • The colour is a beautiful, intense golden yellow with intense green hues, limpid and clear.  
  • The aroma is broad and enveloping, rich in vegetal hints of artichoke and wild chicory, sustained by aromatic notes of mint and rosemary.
  • Elegant and complex on the palate, it has tones of field lettuce and a clear aftertaste of black pepper and almond. Balanced in bitterness and spiciness.
Attribute Vegetarian


Attribute Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Attribute Lactose Free

Lactose Free