Premiato Pastificio Giuseppe Afeltra


Gragnano’s Rigatoni

RIGATONI di Gragnano Giuseppe Afeltra. Durum wheat semolina pasta drawn in bronze. The artisanal processing of Afeltra pasta takes place respecting the ancient traditions, using only the traditional bronze dies, working the pasta slowly, with the same patience of the Gragnanese pasta masters.

Full Description

The mixture is made from a blend of the best semolina, strictly durum wheat, and Gragnano water. Drying times vary from 18 to 48 hours in static ovens and, for some pasta shapes, up to two days, in order to obtain the right porosity, which allows better absorption of sauces and condiments, and that valid consistency that gives to the pasta an indisputable aroma and flavor.

INGREDIENTS: durum wheat semolina, Gragnano spring water.

ALLERGENS: absent.

Attribute Vegetarian


Attribute Lactose Free

Lactose Free