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Bio Gluten-free Flour for Bread

SpigaBuona blends are good, really good for everyone. They are certified gluten-free, organic, semi-integral, stone-ground and without additives (unlike conventional flours) blends born from the commitment and the strong desire to create a genuine product suitable for everyday use.

Full Description

All SpigaBuona products are made in the plant called Casa Dedicata al Senza Glutine Bio: a space completely dedicated to gluten-free where the raw materials arrive and are processed and packaged by staff specialised in dealing with these products in extreme safety and guarantee of total absence of contamination.

INGREDIENS: wholemeal rice flour, potato flour, corn starch, wholemeal millet flour and guar gum flour.

ALLERGENS: It may contain traces of shelled fruit and sesame.

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Gluten Free

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Lactose Free

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