Dried “Corbarino” Tomatoes in EVO

Dried “Corbarino” tomatoes from Cilento are preserved in excellent extra virgin olive oil, delicately flavored with oregano, capers, and chili pepper. It can be enjoyed as starter as boundary, soups, salads and support to a second course.

Full Description

Corbarino tomatoes are mainly produced on the Corbara hillsides (hence their name), included in the Salerno province. However, they are produced in the Naples province as well, especially around Pompeii and Castellammare di Stabia. They are intensely red coloured, oblong shaped and typically bittersweet, being one of the most remarkable samples of the local rural tradition. Those tomatoes are especially rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy anti-oxidant substances.

INGREDIENTS: sunried cherry tomatoes, extra virgin oil, wine vinegar, garlic, capers, hot peppers and salt.

ALLERGENS: absent.

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Gluten Free

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