Controne’s Beans in Water

Controne bean is a rather small, round and very white bean, with no eyes and no marks, it is appreciated for its high digestibility and brief cooking times thanks to its thin skin; the pod is white too.

Full Description

It is seeded in May and picked in November and is used a lot to prepare typical local dishes. Controne is a town in the province of Salerno where a variety of bean, that takes the name of the town itself, is grown.
Every year, the last weekend of November, Controne dedicates it a fest, at this time you can purchase the beans and try the typical dishes of the area: beans al tozzetto, beans and scarola, pasta and beans, or lagane with beans.

INGREDIENTS: beans, water, lemon juice, salt.

ALLERGENS: absent.

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Gluten Free

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Lactose Free