Salumificio Rosotta

180g approx.

Cicoli Napoletani

Neapolitan cicoli are nothing more than pressed pork, with plenty of lean meat, and so many tasty dishes can be made from this ancient preparation!

Full Description

Try the cicoli with ricotta and pepper bread; good in salads with salt and lemon; excellent with friarielli and provola cheese. Prepare an excellent starter with a bruschetta with ricotta and ciccioli bread, ground pepper and basil. As a first course, you can try preparing paccheri with cherry tomatoes, cicoli and sheep's milk ricotta.

They are in fact widely used in Campania by chefs, to prepare the famous Casatiello and by great pizza makers to fill their famous fried pizzas.

Among the best-known Neapolitan cured meats, ciccioli have a dual nature. They can be eaten cold, in slices or cubes, like any other sliced meat, and are excellent for aperitifs and appetisers, or they can be used in a variety of recipes, to give flavour to typical Neapolitan dishes, but not only.





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