Birra Viola


Bianca blanche 4.8

Viola Bianca is a high fermentation Blanche produced using not only barley malt, but also raw cereals such as wheat and spelt, both from Italian farming. Viola Bianca distinguish itself through use of Saaz hops (Czech Republic) bringing a gently bitter note, in addition to a spices’ mixture such as coriander and orange peel.

Full Description

Opalescent yellow as color, Viola Bianca is not filtered, so dressing that veiling typical from brewing style who perform, also in its taste: pleasant and refreshing like a Blanche, unique and distinctive like Viola.

  • Plato: 11,5
  • Alcool: 4,8% Vol.
  • Bitterness: IBU 14
  • Color: EBC 7
  • Serve cool: +3°C/+5°C
Attribute Vegetarian


Attribute Lactose Free

Lactose Free