Annurca Apples Extra Jam

“Annurca” Apple extra jam is prepared with Melannurca Campana’ PGI, which it has been present in Campania for at least two millennia. Called the ‘queen of apples’, the Annurca has always been known for the outstanding quality of its fruit, with its crunchy, firm, white, pleasantly acidic and juicy flesh, characteristic aroma and fine scent, a real delight for gourmets. 

Full Description

Its depiction in the paintings found in the excavations at Herculaneum, and in particular in the House of the Deer, testifies to the very ancient link between the Annurca and the Roman world and Campania felix in particular.

INGREDIENTS: apples, sugar cane, lemon juice.

ALLERGENS: absent.

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Gluten Free

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Lactose Free