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Bio Aida All-Purpose Flour

The stone-ground Aida mix was born out of an awareness of the importance of introducing a product with two characteristics to the table: it is as workable as a white flour and has nutritional advantages similar to wholemeal flours.

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The consumer must once again become the king of his own kitchen. You make the product, we make the flour and we strive to make it the best. With just one flour in the pantry you will be able to make bread, pizza, cakes, fresh pasta and anything else your imagination suggests.

Aida Per Tutto rightfully enters the Aida family, which has always been synonymous with organic, semi-integral and stone-ground, obviously of great quality.

INGREDIENTS: semi-wholegrain type 1 soft wheat flour.

ALLERGENS: gluten. It may contain traces of soy and sesame seeds.



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Lactose Free

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